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Quickbooks Multi-User Setup

Quickbooks Multi-User allows more than one user to work on the company file at the same time. This means that you can access the company file on one computer while other Quickbooks users are working on the same company file on different computers.

Quickbooks User Licenses

It’s important in Quickbooks multi-user setup to know how many user licenses you have. This will determine the number of individuals who can use Quickbooks.

For multi-user access for Quickbooks Pro or Premier, you can have up to 5 user licenses. If you need more than 5 user licenses you have to get Quickbooks Enterprise because it offers 5-user, 10-user or 15-user licenses.

To know how many user licenses you have in your Quickbooks, you can press F2 to show the Product Information window.

User Licenses

If you need to buy additional license to your existing Quickbooks Pro or Premier license, you can navigate to Help > Manage My License > Buy Additional User License…

Buy License Menu

You just need to follow the next steps in order to buy additional license for your Quickbooks. It’s pretty straight forward.

If for some reason the user license that your purchased do not reflect on the Product Information, you have to sync the information. Go to Help > Manage My License > Sync License Data Online…

Sync License Menu

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File Sharing Setup

File sharing is an essential part in multi-user setup. The very reason that if you don’t share your company file, the other users will not be able to access it even if you have more than one user license.

File Sharing is sharing of computer data or files in a network. Click here to view step by step instructions on how to share files between computers over a network.

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Quickbooks Database Manager

Quickbooks Database Server Manager is a tool that you can use to configure multi-user access. It is important to be familiar with this tool especially in multi-user setup.

Let me show you some steps on how to use the Quickbooks Database Manager.

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You can download the guides or resources for Quickbooks Multi-User Setup in PDF format for your reference. You can also find these guides in Intuit website.