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10 Popular Free Open source Point of Sale for Business

10 Popular Free Open source Point of Sale for Business

May be because of recession business are looking for saving every bucks and Open source Point of Sale applications are getting first chose especially for small businesses for managing work, sales and inventory. We have seen some of the Open source POS have grown such an extend that they offer more features than pricey closed source POS applications.  Here is a short list of Restaurant and Retailer POS that you can at try free of cost.

1. PHP Point of Sale
Platform: LAMP
Type: Retailer POS
Description:  Web based Point of sale suitable for small and medium stores. It has master database for customer, sales, supply, employee and provides flexible reporting. However being a web based POS it has limited support for POS printer and cashdrawer.


Rating: 3/5

2. Floreant POS
Platform: Java
Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Floreant POS offters simple User Interface and caters with small cafe to Fine dining.  It has configurable food menu system organized by Food categories, Groups, Items and Modifiers. It has support for Receipt printer, Kitchen Printing and Cash drawer.  Florenat POS has easy to configure Back office with Tax, Discount,  Payroll, Server tips, Drawer pull option.  It has advanced Reports including hourly sales report and detail sales reports.  Floreant POS is recommended as it has active community and availability of commercial support.

Url:http://freepos.us or http://floreantpos.com
Rating: 4.5/5

3. Open Bravo Point of Sale

Type: Retailer POS
Platform: Java
Description: Touch screen based POS, supports different type of hardware, barcode, scanner, cash drawer and has inventory. Good community support.

4. Lemon POS
Type: Retailer POS
Description: Linux based Point of sale for Retailers. It has role based user permission, multiple terminal and support for order cancellation etc.
Platform: Linux

Url: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lemonpos
Rating: 2.5/5

5. Mercator Java POS

Type: Restaurant POS

Description:  Simple Interface, Menu, Order management, Object oriented design, Active community.